Shige and NewS

osting NewS stuff once again. The Shige icons are new but the others are like ..old XD
anywho, I'm already working on other genres so that other members that are not necessarily NewS fans can choose from more variety XD sorry for being so obsessed! X,3

42 NewS icons!

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Only Shige

Hey guys!
Because of the lack of time, I'll be posting only Shige icons this time. This is an exception because those of you who have been a member here for a long time will know that I never post this short amount of icons for an update. I really wanted to post at shigespamsunday   so here ya go:


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OTP ka?

Hey guys,
Considering the fact that I haven't posted her in AGES,

I really didn't have time =/
I do have some icons made but they're kinda lousy so I didn't bother to post them anyhow I've got a new contribution *raises eyebrow* (can't do that reality but w/e)

Do YOU have Je or any other fandoms but can't find any specifically loved icon or banner regardring your OTP? Then you've come to the right place! XD Here you can just request whichever of your OTP you would desire
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Hey members!
Regarding the the request post. I'm really sorry to say this but I just cant complete the rest of the requests, I thought I could and therefore didn't break the news although I definitely cant! I'm really sorry although next time IF I open a request post again then you'll be the first ones if y'all still interested.
btw I wont be able to post anything new for a some time now because of the constant tests, homeworks and exams I'm having till week 44 which is in 4 weeks. (It's week 40 right now)
Thne I'll be having vacs for a week so hopefully, I'll try to make som graphics from different genre to satisfy all your needs X3 (AND mine! =O)
Once again, I'm really sorry =/
Thank you so much for joining the comm though! Just because I cant post anything for a while does NOT mean that this comm will go on hiatus cause it NEVER will. It's my love!! (>0<)9 so please hang around stilla little while more.
Hopefully see you asap.
(p.s. I have a Pi wallpaper waiting for the fans ^^ d.s.)

Suggestion batch #4

Probably my last batch before school starts (23rd). I will be very VERY busy now as my IB course officially starts and I really want to put 100% concentration and hard work cause I want to study medicine (^w^)/
Anywho, you know how difficult it is these days to get into a good medical school so I msu ganbatte ne ^^

Here's the batch!
Hope you like it <3
Total 103 icons + 1 Banner
[09] Models
[04] Anna Popplewell
[16] Harry Potter + Emma Watson
[30] NewS + 1 Banner
[06] Arashi
[09] Kattun
[03] ProDai
[06] GachiBaka
[20] Goong


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Hey guys!
Long time no see! Well, I did post the reason why but the link to the post was incorrectly attached =_=
Anwyho, as I did not have much to put much together, I decided to work on my 100 icon challenge as I have a deadline!
I also made 2 wallpapers. This is my first attempt to make wallpapers so I hope you like them!

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